I choose to…,

I choose to believe in myself

So I’ve invested in me

No other way to show love to others than loving yourself

I choose to take care of myself

So I work on it daily

How do I show my children to

Take care of themselves if I don’t do the same

I choose to believe in someone bigger than me

The size of what I believe is not relevant but it is necessary

To describe or help someone comprehend that the picture is bigger but only because of the magnification of the glass you are looking through

See we only magnify God so that others who don’t connect, relate or even comprehend his power, goodness and worth can see Him. What they see is His expression, signs and wonders expressed in greatness.

But if they would slow down, move the distraction of the worlds measure they would see that God doesn’t have to be big or even great. He is just God and that the paradigm of all things that are good.

Big seems better than little but yet big is only a great expression of a lot of little things together.


Waiting for an answer

This summer has been great and trying. Making major decisions in life can be a faith builder and a fear exposer. The Bible’s says many times when an angel shows up “fear not!” And scripture says that God has not given us a spirit of fear but truthfully we still become fearful.

I know that fear is a natural reaction to things you can control but I believe that God knew we would fear even though He didn’t give it to us He did give us “free choice,” and because of that we will experience many types of emotions and feelings. So I got that off my chest and now that I’ve recognized the symptoms of disbelief or doubts now we need to seek solutions.

So in the word God said that His plans for us is to prosper and be in good health. Well when we fear we are causing our physical and mental health to decline. Not necessarily to great sufferance but to some pain, agony and maybe depression. Those adjectives are decoys to what God has promised you and that is “yes and amen.” He will “never” withhold anything good from you. God’s word says we can have all things through Him who strengthens you. Hold on to His word and promises. Hold on and don’t let go. Fear has to flee.

As I started talk about my major decision I had and have to make I must believe that if they line up with his word and promises I am going to be great and satisfied beyond measure. His gift far exceeds my wants and needs.

Pleasing You with my heart!


Thank you God for giving me a heart for you. This is your day that you designed for me and I’m happy and joyful for it. Please protect my mind, heart and spirt from the evil one. I pray that my mouth and my heart is a wonderful representation of you. Lead and guide me in the purpose that you’ve created me for. Cover me with your glory and honor. I will set my heart and mind on pleasing you. If I fall short of your expectations, show me your way and direct my heart to your heart. Thanks for your love in Jesus name, Amen.