Waiting for an answer

This summer has been great and trying. Making major decisions in life can be a faith builder and a fear exposer. The Bible’s says many times when an angel shows up “fear not!” And scripture says that God has not given us a spirit of fear but truthfully we still become fearful.

I know that fear is a natural reaction to things you can control but I believe that God knew we would fear even though He didn’t give it to us He did give us “free choice,” and because of that we will experience many types of emotions and feelings. So I got that off my chest and now that I’ve recognized the symptoms of disbelief or doubts now we need to seek solutions.

So in the word God said that His plans for us is to prosper and be in good health. Well when we fear we are causing our physical and mental health to decline. Not necessarily to great sufferance but to some pain, agony and maybe depression. Those adjectives are decoys to what God has promised you and that is “yes and amen.” He will “never” withhold anything good from you. God’s word says we can have all things through Him who strengthens you. Hold on to His word and promises. Hold on and don’t let go. Fear has to flee.

As I started talk about my major decision I had and have to make I must believe that if they line up with his word and promises I am going to be great and satisfied beyond measure. His gift far exceeds my wants and needs.


No law, just Christ!

Have you ever desired to change your ways but you couldn’t? Have you ever been promised something but it didn’t happen when you wanted it? How did you react?

Well, in Roman’s Paul writes the answer to many of these questions. Listen or read this verse. “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.”

Romans 7:15

This scripture alone encompasses the feeling and the message that we may experience in minds and life.

I believe that people inherently desire to do good but good is measured by others depiction, opinion and the law. See in chapter 7 of Romans it explains that when the law was introduced it gave the information and life to sin.

Because sin now has life is ignited the spirit of sin that was dead and that which was good before became subject to sin.

Let me break it down further. The law was established for a good purpose. It was established for the Israelites as a tool to keep them holy and righteous. Before the law the only real commandments was to not eat if the tree of knowledge of Good and evil. As we all know that failed, terribly.

So, now that the Mosaic law had been introduced and it recognizes that not complying to it you are sinning. Paul did an excellent job explaining how having knowledge of sin produced the nature of doing what you don’t want to do which is sin.

But let me fast forward this to grace. See Jesus came into this World so that we will not be bound to the law no longer. It didn’t necessarily get rid of the law but he fulfilled it by dying for our sins. So do you see know his sin is death, If we didn’t sin and we fulfilled the law and Jesus would not have to come to save us from our death which is sin. It was written that He would come and because God gave us free will when He created us He knew that sin would be an option or inevitable.

Back to my earlier questions.

1. Have you ever desired to change your ways but you couldn’t or you weren’t sure how? Most of us have experienced this in ourselves or our experiences. I can definitely say, don’t try to do it alone. Trust that God knows your fear, weakness and strength. Connect with a mentor in your life someone who you trust and who is wise enough to give you good direction. Find scriptures that support your goal of change. Learn coping strategies and know what triggers you. But most of all lean on God.

2. Have you ever been promised something but it didn’t happen when you wanted it? How did you react? I would say yes to that question. Well, that goes back to my triggers. Where were I at in my healing when I responded to that situation. At the beginning I probably didn’t respond well. Yes, I am certain that lapse or delay trigged me to respond negatively to a positive gesture or something. I would describe it as my doctor prescribing medicine for me and I’ve taken all of the medication and I still feel bad. My feelings causes me to doubt the medication. I want instant feedback and it didn’t happen. But as the medication begins to work I now have a better paradigm of how it works. So then I would says that the does want to help but I must learn how they operate and not use my personal experiences to judge their actions. Then once I conquer my healing from my sickness then I will use this a a way to trust those who have proven they have my best interest.

See, the good is in you and has always been there but it was covered with sin and buried because sin brings death to (good) love. But Jesus died for our sins and we must remember that so we can live without being bound to it (sin.)

Start each day link to God. The best way is to pray, read and practice His word daily as you work, play,serve and grow.