Success is not

Success is not measured it’s experienced. No one really care about your possessions or position but you success is how you treat others and what impression you leave them in their hearts.

Are you successful or are you filled with pride of your accomplishments and titles.

I’m not saying you can’t acquire possession or obtain positions or even accomplishments but it is only success if you use it for uplifting life not to boast your personal elevation.


The power of silence

Have you ever had to say no to someone? Was that no because you couldn’t or because you didn’t want to? Well, I have and later I heard the message years later.

I just had a conversation with our oldest child. She has been though a lot financially, emotionally and spiritually. I didn’t realize that I said no to her about a need and then she saw me give what she asked for and more to the church or in our tithes. I do remember that I’ve said no to giving of resources but I not sure if was because we didn’t have it or that we wanted her to figure it out on her own. I do know throughout the years we have given so much out of our lack to our children so it could have been a purpose of a lesson.

My husband and I have provide a pretty good life for our children, I would say. We moved in neighborhoods that may have been out of our financial budget but we sacrificed because we wanted them to have more than we have. In this sacrifice we may have accumulated unnecessary bills but we have been blessed to have careers to pay them off.

My husband and I believe in tithing even when it means we are left with little. We understand the the tithes do not belong to us and that we are blessed with our career because of our sacrifices.

Anyway, we didn’t give our daughter any money at that time. Granted we have given countless others times in many different ways but it bothered her. She didn’t necessarily express it then but just recently she did.

Our daughter doesn’t see paying tithes or to the church the way we do. She like many see many churches or leaders abusing the resources or tithes and offering via news, social and local churches. Often we see pastors driving high in cars, planes and large homes. Many times that small amount of leaders who have and are abusing the resources makes it difficult for those who are living with integrity and morals.

I heard it said by many including our daughter that “God knows my heart,” but my question do you know God’s heart? What would we do if He based his blessings only on our sacrifice. What would happen if he thought of our needs based on how we responded to his word?

I thank God that He does treat me or you according to how we treat Him. I don’t know what I would do if I only receive as I’ve given or not given. This is in reference to service, tithes and offerings, prayer and time in His word. Many times we want to make a withdrawal from the bank without making a deposit.

If we look at God’s rate of return compared to our financial institutions we would be appalled. Appalled at how little the rate of return from our financial investment are compared to how we have been blessed by God. I don’t know a bank yet that keep a car that my mom has going for almost 20 years. I believe she’s blessed from her sacrifice to the church and her family. I believe my children’s are blessed because of generations of giving and serving. This is an example of God’s rate of return. Getting approved for a house or car that you don’t qualify for and then receiving resources to pay it off sooner. Funds being released when you’ve been told “no” countless times.

God has a way of show us how we can live better in the 90% than we would on the 100%.

So, I would say to you and my daughter, give God the benefit of His word and let Him take care of those leaders who abuse the church.

Heavenly Father, thanks for all the ways you have given us love, resources and peace even when we don’t deserve it. Father we ask that you will make sure that your word is clear to those who don’t know your heart and words of giving and sacrifice. We should seek you when it comes to our silence in regards to a “no” and a offense. Give us wisdom to judge our intentions and responsible to make sure our silence doesn’t separate us from your love and blessings but help us to develop a better relationship with you. Help us to decrease our want and understand your message. Father I believe your words about tithes and I seen your increase in my life in many ways. Give me the wisdom and guidance to show your light in me to lead my family and those you’ve assigned to me. This will be done in Jesus name Amen.

Fit for purpose

What would you do today if you decide to walk away from your job? How would you take care of your needs? Would you be willing to downsize? How about starting your own business? Well, I asked myself these same questions, well may not the same exact questions but in the same area of starting over or just walking in what I believe I was designed for or purposed for.

See, I know that my talent, gifts or passion stretch so much further than I’ve been through. I can look back over my life and I see what I’ve been through and done. But when I look at if I have utilized my gifts well I would say yes but not enough.

I believe that God has purpose and placed me in places mainly for development and training. Now that our children are grown I believe that I can step out and look for opportunities to utilize my gifts more efficiently. So I know you may be asking what is that gift or purpose. Well, it stems from what I’ve been doing all alone or all my life dispelling doubts, encouraging those that are discouraged and motivating those who are motionless.

Let me break it down a little further. To dispel doubt we most know first of all the truth. The truth is connect, directed and fueled in the word of God. God says in “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;”

Proverbs‬ ‭3:5‬ ‭NIV‬‬. So, as this scriptures states that we should not rely our understanding or experiences but rely or trust in what God word says or even what He says to us through our relationship with Him about our situation. This is only one of the many scriptures in the Bible that relate to relying on Him.

Next, how can I encourage those who are discouraged? Well, first I use my own experiences of being depressed, lonely and discouraged. My pass experiences were not so good. I remember looking at myself as lost, going now where, never getting marred, owning a home or having my own business. Well, I can say that I’m not lost because I know who I’m connected with and He guides me, not the news. I’m married to a wonderful man who love me and I truly love him for over 20+ years. We have 5 beautiful children of whom we have lead to inspire and grow independently. We’ve own two homes so far and God has moved us in leadership in our church. All that we experience was on purpose and on time. I can say when you will get where you are designed to be but you will if you hold on and hold on to God’s promises.

As far as being a motivator I’m just grateful and I’m walking in my purpose daily. I don’t think it hard because it what I am a motivator. Do I have days down? Yes, but I guarantee you that those who see my light daily notice those days and they usually remind me that they appreciate my gift.

All that I am is predicated on what I was molded into by my designer. He designed you too. Walk into your mold. You are unique and beautifully made. He may not need you but others may need what He gave you to see Him.