I choose to…,

I choose to believe in myself

So I’ve invested in me

No other way to show love to others than loving yourself

I choose to take care of myself

So I work on it daily

How do I show my children to

Take care of themselves if I don’t do the same

I choose to believe in someone bigger than me

The size of what I believe is not relevant but it is necessary

To describe or help someone comprehend that the picture is bigger but only because of the magnification of the glass you are looking through

See we only magnify God so that others who don’t connect, relate or even comprehend his power, goodness and worth can see Him. What they see is His expression, signs and wonders expressed in greatness.

But if they would slow down, move the distraction of the worlds measure they would see that God doesn’t have to be big or even great. He is just God and that the paradigm of all things that are good.

Big seems better than little but yet big is only a great expression of a lot of little things together.


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