It’s all good!

I thank God for my life. Definitely can say that it’s all good. This doesn’t mean that it was good every moment. I remember times as a child, an age I could comprehend happenings, that I heard my parents having a disagreement, this wasn’t good to experience.

I guess someone who didn’t have their parents or one parent may say “they wish they could hear the arguments.” There were times that I’ve been in relationships that was toxic for me. Did I want toxic? No, but I did want a relationship. I have not always made the right decisions. I became pregnant at 21 as a single mom and then I allowed my parents to raise them for awhile in the same situation I was reared in. But all things work for the good. I love the lord and so do our children and I believe their battles will become blessings because God loves us more than we do for him.

At the time your are going through the “things” it doesn’t seem good but if we know that it’s temporary we can get through it and we will be better.

It’s all good even when it was bad.


2 thoughts on “It’s all good!

  1. Truth!! I thank GOD for you and your wisdom!! Thanks for being a blessing!! This is how God teaches us; we have to go through to get through. It’s part of discipleship; it helps us to tell the testimony for the people of need. No one wants to talk to someone who doesn’t understand what they’ve been through, or going through. Love you, and you’re amazing! Keep inspiring us!!!😘😘😘

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