What if!

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: What if https://anchor.fm/tina-dunham/episodes/What-if-e384e2


2 thoughts on “What if!

  1. Truth! I really have literally lived this; we allow the enemy to decide for us most of the time! Family, God said He has already told us who we are, what we have; it’s up to us to walk in it! Encourage thy self!! I walked into a lot of hard times, just pure stress, but joy comes in the morning! I put this on myself, because GOD told me to speak it, give to Him, ; but I’m out here trying to do it myself! As soon as I let go, God pulled back a small piece of the plan! All I could do was praise Him and apologize for the not believing in Him. He has our steps ordered! Most of the time that very thing you’re afraid of God is saying I got you! Go ahead!! You got this family!! Be encouraged and keep the faith!!

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