The “One Nine,”day one.

It is here the new Year, the first day. Last night was amazing, we celebrated at church and pastor presented the new theme “Canaan.” Canaan is the promise land in the Bible. It’s was also associated with the curse that Noah’s son Ham, who did not cover his father nakedness before telling his brothers.

Canaan was promised to the Israelites as a result of hundreds years of slavery in Egypt. People of color have been associated with Ham and the Israelites because of the repercussions and similarities of their enslavement.

There is a promise for those who been in a situation were they have been accused of doing but they were mistakenly accused. Or maybe they did make a mistake and it wasn’t intentional but it caused great pain for their family.

See because of Ham’s mistake or misfortune it created great afflictions and pain for generations.

The “One Nine” is the time to depart from your Egypt. No more complacency and bounds. It’s time to create and come out of Connection that has kept you from your purpose.

In Genesis 1:9 God spoke to the water and the land and request it to gather together. What will you speak to today or in the “One Nine,” that will come together and not be confused anymore.

Speak to your mind. No longer will you be all over the place you will be focused to accomplish what God has designed it for. Stop allowing your mind to be polluted with doubt, insecurity, lust, and anger. It will be a mind designed to serve an even greater purpose than your own fleshly desires.

It’s time to set your life in order on day one; start with your mind in the “one nine.” Claim your territory but get your mind right.


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