Exile w/Help don’t just Exit

Inspired by Pastor Manny’s message 12/23/18.


You may have exited from your old situations but if you take the same experiences, habits and mindset to you next relationship then you are not truly free from your past. It’s time to exile yourself from the old mindset, habits and expectations or you can not be free.

You need to have a proactive relationship not a reactive relationship. You can’t blame new environment on you past environmental surrounding. It will always be you who has to decide what you want, not society. Respond in the right way even when it’s unexpected. Your strength /juice come out when you are pressed. Usually you don’t know if you are changed unless you are pressed by something that may have bothered you in the pass or something new that relates to a stimulus that has harmed others who you connect with.

Whether you are in a relationship or not you will be challenged and tried. All things, not just somethings, work for our good. Development is inevitable but it comes through trials, tribulations and work. Most developed muscles by working out not just sitting around.

What is your response is it spiritual now or physical? Spiritual response strengthens you more than mental or physical challenges.

Speak to anything that is trying to trap you into a thinking of defeat. Tell that thing that even though you haven’t defeated it you will! Some traps maybe insecurity, addition, hopelessness or even more. Get mad at the enemy,(devil) who doesn’t want you to be set free or happy. Also, direct your anger at the enemy (devil) not the physical person who allowed themselves to be used/controlled.

The power is in agreement not in sameness/common interest. Agreement is powerful.

Are you committed to your goal? God will bless what you are doing if you are doing it with Him. He will hold up your arms and you enemy will be defeated. Are you here to hold up others arms are is it all about you? Worship is a team sport.

Act 16:25-28


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