It’s not your fault it’s their life.

Am I alone or is this the norm?My heart hurts when I can’t make my children hurt heal. Often I take responsibility for all of the issues, decisions and lack. Truly I know that I shouldn’t react or even think that way. Possibly decision I’ve made may have been a factor but ultimately we make most decisions in our life based on our flesh and will.

We don’t realize how powerful the will can be. Our will is influenced by our eyes. Yes, we see what is happening around us and we equate that particular situation with the norm. See we have only gathered the research from a source that happened outside.

When I say outside I don’t literally mean outside. Outside means we are not privy to the source of our resources complete life so we take what we see occasionally as the norm. Example of that would be a celebrity or a person with financial influence or resources life. We can see their property, luxuries and smiles but we don’t know the whole story.

Our life is not always based on the root, many times the pruning, garnishing and the environment can shape us.

The decision of my children may not be my fault but it does make me sad and happy according to the time or situations. I realize that all of us may or must go through “life” and it can be challenging.

We asked questions and many time we answer them ourselves with researching the information properly and with our own biases.

I would use my own life. When I was young I wanted to go to college but I wasn’t sure what I would focus on. I initially thought I would be a designer but once I was in college I realized that wasn’t my life.

Then I moved to Atlanta and I changed my major to Computer Information System. Actually, that was a great decision but 8 months until graduation I decided to take a break because of another decision I made. That decision changed my life and now I’m a mother of adults who are and have made decisions of the same or similar experiences.

I’m sure my parents had similar concerns about me and they allowed me to do what I did.

Did they worry? Did they feel guilty? Or did they pray?

I choose to pray. Seek God and believe His word. All things works for the good of those who love the Lord and is called according to His purpose.

Love the lord and remember His purpose has been written and stories told to help us with our life to worship and praise him. It’s our story but it’s used for other.

It’s not your fault it’s their life.


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