No trust showed my Nakedness

Since the beginning we didn’t trust God. He loved us enough to take earth to form us, then he did just leave us a a sculpture and put us in a shelf to look at He gave us His breath.

Whenever, Our kids are upset, scared, disappointed, lost or even fearful I feel like I loose my breath. We give up our breath so many times to those who love us, use us, hate us and pay us. Breath is precious, love, life and hope. I will not let my breathe be used in vain. God know when He breathed his breathe into man that many times he would be holding his breath because he gave us the ability to choose. Today, we have that same ability. Many times the choices we make reveals our nakedness.

It can raise us up or shame us. We don’t want anyone to see our fleshy desires we just want them. That desires maybe the right to bear arms, smoke illegal drugs, fulfill our lust of the flesh, walk off our jobs because of injustice and start our own business, pray out loud at work, fight, love, help and feel safe in our own skin.

I know that last one feel safe in our skin seems foreign to some but many of us are afraid of being the color we are. We love who they are but because of hate we’re not sure how others different from us feel about us.

When God took the earth to make man I wondered if he knew that man would have so much hate. Sure he did.

If I haven’t lived I would imagine I would have been a marvelous sculpture.

We were created to worship You, in all of my nakedness and because we didn’t trust you and we made choices that came with pain, work and freeness to experience whatever this world has to offer. The good and the evil.


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