Spoken word


In darkness light sprang. Not because of necessity but power. Power dominated darkness because of the “spoken word.” The word forced darkness to fail. It did not have a choice because “darkness” did not have a voice. All that was created was not a force of nature but nature did not exist before the words that cause it to be. Spoken word is used to express our thoughts, feelings, experiences and visions in the current world. But God used “words spoken” to create that which we use to inspire, build and support our faith. We know that there was nothing before He spoke “something ” into nothing. Now we can believe that if people think we’re “nothing” we can do as God and speak into what is believed and produce what man could not conceive “something.”


We had “nothing” when I was born. My parents lived in a rental home on a dirt road. A few years later we moved in with my paternal grandmother. We moved in to help with the household and build a new house next door. My grandmother had to go to New York for a few years to work as a maid because my grandfather had died and his farm income wasn’t available anymore. We came together with little to help maintain what we had (land).

When I look at my Dad’s family I saw a farmer (my grandfather) and a homemaker (my grandmother) who reared 9+ children with (nothing) a farm and belief. I know that God has power but he used this voice and it created light in darkness and I believe my family used their voice (once my a grandfather died) when grandma left home in order to provide for her family. They knew that In order to overcome darkness (loss of income ) the homemaker (grandmother) would have to become the income maker (light).


As a result of my families action and belief I’m a true believer in acting on a situation of darknesses by my words, actions and belief. Even though God was the almighty and had the power I believe that his faith in His words created an environment for life to exist but it started with a command (word) to move what was hindering light (life). Do not let your darkness keep you from living. Speak to it and watch it move.




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