Break every Chain

Psalm 2:3 They say, “Let’s break the chains that hold us back and throw off the ropes that tie us down.”

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This short scripture powerful. Less than 20 words embodied power, freedom and hope but they are just words if we don’t buy into them, believe them or claim them. We can’t just say “break the chain” or even sing “break every chain”. We need to pull, grab, cut or dismember those chains. You may ask what are chains? Well chains are anything that keeps you separated from the promise of God. Sin, temptations, lust, lies and that just to say a few.

We all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, Romans 3:23. Yes, we all have sinned. Hard to swallow huh. Well I know and we know what we have done and God know but it’s until we are exposed that’s when we say “well I’m just human”.

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God knew when he created us that we will be tempted. How do I know. Well in Genesis 2:17 he said for Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. He knew that the adversary would temp them, whisper in their ear and make them feel that was incompetent.

You are a winner, you are blessed, you are the head and not the tail. We can no longer act just on our feeling but we have to rely on the Word. I will not allow my past to haunt me. I’m not a victim and I will not victimized anyone. Break that chain, kill that curse and stop that hurt.

Do not let the devil win. The devil tempted Jesus after his 40 days on the wilderness and he said that ” man cannot live by bread alone but by every word that preceded out of the mouth of The Lord” and the in John 14:12 Jesus said ” Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

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So if Jesus can resist the devil after a forty day fast and I’m sure he was hungry. We can, if we say what he said and believe what he said. I break those chains, you can break those chains. I decree and declare those chains are broken. Isaiah 55:11 says that His word will not return void. It will do that which it was sent.


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