Forgive yourself and be free

We all have made some decisions in our lives that we didn’t think about in a spiritual matter. As a matter of fact, it was a fleshy decision and as a result of that decision it cause a domino effect of pain in their life and their off springs. As a result of this then the enemy starts to rejoice because he believed there isn’t any way they would ever recover. I’m not and you should not let the evil one laugh at you anymore.

The mistakes or decisions your mom or your dad made years ago or even yesterday is not yours to carry. Really, it’s not even theirs to carry either. See, whatever you’ve been packing up everyday and taking around on your shoulders, back or lap, “LET IT GO.”God said we all have sinned and come short of His glory. He never said he wouldn’t forgive you or love you anymore. You know what if that was the case; He wouldn’t have anyone to love.

See stop letting those who claim to be perfect drop off their issues on you. What are their issues? Denial, lies and shame.

It doesn’t matter what your sin was or is, God forgive all but one; Blasphemy. Ask Him for the forgiveness He’s already promised you; then forgive yourself.

Forgive your mom.(she didn’t know giving herself to more than one man and finding out he wasn’t the Dad was going to cause you so much pain). The results are in, God is your daddy

  • Forgive your dad who wasn’t faithful to my mom and family and fathered another child outside the marriage. He may have not seen the right example or maybe he wasn’t mature.
  • Forgive your friend who shared your business because she or he was looking for ways to help you
  • Forgive that person who violated you when you were young.
  • Forgive yourself because you thought you knew what to do when you were in college but you didn’t finish.
  • Forgive yourself because you didn’t want to come home from college because you couldn’t stay our late.
  • Forgive your teacher who doesn’t understand you because they’ve never walked in your shoes
  • Forgive your pastor who peached and then used his influence to violate you.
  • Forgive and let go. I want you to live and let go of unforgiving.

Learn but forgive. It’s for you.


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