I will Trust Him


Somedays and sometimes I don’t know how I’m going to make it “but God” is my strength I will not fear.

God has given me great responsibility and relationships in my life especially lately. I will trust and rely on Him to do what He has trusted me to do.

God I’ll serve you even when I don’t feel like serving anymore. I can not do this in my strength but I know you will give me what I need. You said the I can do all things with your strength. I will not fear. I will keep my eye on you as I walk on water. Thanks for not letting me drown. If I sink because of my doubt you are there. If I fall because I’m weak build me up to continue my purpose. You purposely created me to perform your work. I can’t escape your purpose for me even when my flesh gets in the way. I was designed by You to worship you. I show my worship by walking in my purpose. I will not fear. I will trust you. I will worship you.


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