Jealousy is just covetousness

Everyone has a story to tell and that includes me. I would love to tell my life story but my story may not be the story you need to hear but I will still tell it eventually. Mostly everyday I’m indulging in the scriptures.

When I first started reading I wasn’t thrilled about reading the old or the New Testament. But as I read it now, I’m excited to learn about each story. One story I found conflict in was the story of the brothers Cain and Abel. This story revealed how jealousy and self righteous can result in the unthinkable. Please release those thoughts from your mind and heart.

If we endeavor further into the scriptures we will notice that jealousy is nothing more than covetousness. Covetousness does not mean someone will hurt someone else but overly desiring someone else’s gift or life ultimately kills you. You may internalized emotions become them. You may loose sight of your life and then you may believe that what others have should have been yours. Do not covet. Stay focused on your purpose even when you are not seeing the immediate results.

When you have a purpose and you know it’s what you are designed for God will not allow you to be something you are not designed for. Think about it, have you ever pick up a drink and tasted it without looking and it was different than your expectations. Well, I have. It communicate with your mind and you are disappointed with your taste bud. Don’t let you purpose get distracted because you weren’t looking at what you were doing because you were looking at someone else victory.

Keep your eyes on where you desire to go and see victory even in your defeat. Our defeat are the test that we need to take to see if we are ready to preform the task that helps those who have to be tested as well.

Be victorious not covetousness.


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