Ready for school

Our second “golden nugget “ is on Education.

As an educator I’ve seen firsthand how many students are following behind. We as parents,relatives and friends should be proactive in combating these issues. Below are some suggestions to help students with their studies.

1. Keep an agenda. It is helpful to know what you need to accomplish and what you’ve completed. (Parents should be involved with checking it as well) it’s also a great tool to communicate with the teacher

2. Communicate with the teacher at least once or twice a month. This can be completed by phone or email. Preferably by email to keep a record.

3. Have your child/children complete a learning style assessment. Knowing the best way they learn can help them and then you can communicate those results with their teachers.

4.Stay organized. I’ve learned though my own children that if they can’t find their work they will not get a grade because they want do it again.

5. School is important and can be fun if they realize the purpose of education. Education is the vehicle to their goals in their adult life.

6. Participate in school activities. Join a club, play a sport and help others to be successful by participating in class productively.

7. Start planning for college by focusing your high school classes on college preparatory courses, volunteer and study for ACT and SAT test

Remember enjoy your secondary education, make friends, good grades and look for scholarships. Good grades = money for school but they also want to see you are well rounded.


Juatina Dunham 🤓


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