Faith running on “E”

The battle of finding your purpose is a daily fight for many. We stay at our current jobs or careers because we are overloaded with responsibilities that we’ve incurred, because of our wants and needs. Ask yourself these questions. Is this job worth it? What can I do to get to my purpose? Does God hear my heart? Is this desire really my purpose? Some of us will give up our pursuit to our purpose before we run out of fuel.

Lately, my husband and I have been struggling with pursuing our purpose. I believe we are headed in the right direction and we fuel up with the word of God daily, especially Sundays and Wednesdays. Even though it seems like our relationship with God is solid, we still lack that faith that fuels us to make it happen. Many times we feel that our faith is running on empty or fumes.

Yes, fumes. We see the destination and we believe that we can reach it but the way seems to take so long. Have you ever driven your car and the mileage indicated that you had 15 miles to “E” but you only lived 10 miles away. As you traveled home you ran into a traffic jam? Your mind and flesh goes into panic. Even though you’ve traveled 8 miles and you maybe able to walk to your home, the traffic is so fierce and dangerous that you wouldn’t dare try. Well, I haven’t been there but I’ve seen others run out of gas in the middle of rush hour on major interstates and it isn’t funny. Well, the feeling you get when that happens is anxiety or anxiousness. When we want something now it seems to be so close that it’s right there but it’s just not “right here.”

As believers we know it is God that either pulls us into our destiny or push us to pursue it. He will not lie, so I believe that when He shows up and the decision is made it is good. Whether it was the decision we wanted or not, It was for the best because it will either position or set you up for a future success. Either way victory is His and you are equipped to handle the place that he placed you in. God purposes us to be patient and patience is a quality needed to face adversity and advancement.

So if your Faith is ever on “E” go get refueled in prayer, praise and the posture for your purpose. Whatever He positions you for will be better because of your experiences.

Make sure you are using the right fuel for your purpose because some may run on “super high octane” and others may be are designed for “regular.”

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:28‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

What are you believing for? Will you trust Him? As for my husband and I we do trust God. He got news of a job opportunity in his major that he’s been believing for the last year. This opportunity is posted as temporary but he is taking it anyway. As a result of the offer he has to let go that easy but dead in job. Sometimes you have to take a short term experience that can take him to a place(s) God has laid out for you.

Throw down your nets and follow him. He said he’ll make you fishers of men. Walk in your purpose and trust God. He will not let you fail.


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