Walking on water (wow)

God wants us to trust him. Many of our obstacles and situations are pulling us down into deep areas and we think we may drown. Our family issues, bills and suffering have us so entangled that we can see the one who has given us the strength thus far. When Peter saw Jesus on the water he also saw the water. He knew that he couldn’t walk to Jesus on his on but because he trusted Jesus he began to walk in the water. Yes, walking on the water with his eyes and faith on the lord. But as soon as he was distracted or took his eyes off of Jesus he began to sink. Jesus did not allow him to drown but He reached out to Peter to assist, save and help him.

Just like Peter, Jesus is helping us. When we trust him with our situation we are walking on water but as soon as we take our eyes off him and back on our problems we begin to sink. Yes, sink. Deep in to ourselves and our abilities or resources. But God is reaching out to us to save, help and deliver us from our unbelief. He wants us to walk on water and believe that He has us. We are victorious as long as we hold on to God.

Faith will not fail. Love will prevail.


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