Source searching

When I’m in need financially many times I look for physical/worldly things to fill that need. I look at my bank account, pay stub, friends, family or a second job.

When I have an emotional need I truly look at my spouse, family and friends.

To the natural(flesh )this is the right or best way to satisfy those needs but the word exclaims in I Corinthians 8:6 that God, the father, who is the source of all things and he is the creator of all things, so it will make more sense to make your request known to the creator. He who created all wants to know that you trust Him to provide, direct and support your needs.

He is the first of everything. God knows how you feel, what you need and who you are. Because he design you from the original he want you to communicate to the originator.

The word of God express that he has and will supply your needs but they will be supplied by way of the source (through Him.)


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