Yes, Lord

“Good morning my child. Today I give you a good day, rejoice and be glad.” “Yes, Father. I will rejoice and bless your name for yesterday was a day of sorrow but I look forward to new mercies and I submit my life to trusting you.” “My child why are you sorrowful?” “Father, I am sad because of my brother who is carrying a load that has separated him from those who loves him. He refuses to forgive but he felt that he’s been disrespected in the past. He hold the mistake of his family pack in the cases of (no one changes, no one listens and no one but I knows what’s best) no one. He also have built a wall of (those who listen to me, those who call me and those who tell me what I want to hear) it’s about me.” ” I understand my child. You know the enemy uses those who we love to divide. He uses those scars that you brother has acquired to find others to blame. He’s not made with y’all but he’s upset with himself and it’s not easy for him to recognize the enemy because of the scars of life is covered by blame and not forgiveness. Pray for him and keep loving him because the evil one purpose is to kill, steal and destroy because he knows of you can break though those wall and help him release those cases that your brother will love me and will believe that man is good but not perfect.” ” I hear you Father. I will continue to love him and pray for him. I forgive him and I’m praying that you will send someone in his path that can be the blessing that will help him see you. I love you Father.”


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