Good dirt

From the dirt God created man

I’m not sure what was in His plan

You thought that we would be a good fit

From the dirt you formed a man and that was it

It was good

Through his nostrils you breathed your breathe

I am sure you knew what could happen the moment you left

It still was good

Your trust was left in the mouth that had a voice

I beg your pardon,You gave us the ability to make a choice

Because you love us you decide to created another

You gave man everything and a wife to be a mother

The mother to be was open to hear that she had a choice

Then Satan step in and took his chance to make some noise

The bite of a tree that was not forbidden to see

Became the start of the life that affected you and me

We can’t truly blame them for our decisions

Because Jesus live now we want to blame it on religion

I thank God for the love He shows us

Because of Jesus I know good can come from dirt


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