It’s Faith fight


Fathers I thank you for always confirming your word. I may not be as versed as some but your word is rooted in my spirit. I thank you for covering my family and directing my spirit. It’s you I worship, praise and set high above all things and people. Because you live I’m able to see the revelation revealed. Oh how great is thou God. There’s no one, body like you.


I want to be more like you Lord, have passion for all people, forgive those who forsakes you and know what to say and when to say it. I know you’re real. I live in a real world and daily I fight to see you in man. I look for your heart.


I pray that You are shown in me. I pray that someone grab the towel to join in your family instead of throwing in the towel because they have allowed their faith to fail. Yes, fail.


Our faith should be compared to a diamond, after going through the pressure to develop it can now cut glass. Yes cut glass and not break. Our faith should be tougher than steel. I think sometimes we call our faith flesh. Yes the flesh will be tempted, bruised and attacked. It is the flesh that’s supported by your faith and not the opposite. Faith is also like a force field and when our fleshed is attract it signals the Word of God to kick in.


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