Faith Food

As I was driving to work it came across my mind what if we would consume faith food we would be more equipped for our day than consuming fast food. Faith food is when we trust in God‘s word;such as, I’ll never leave you or for sake you. So that means that God is there with us at all times. He has articulated his truth, love and promises of encouragement. Jesus gave us what we need to help us go further. I don’t think that fast food will be as effective and faith food.I don’t remember me as a child looking at my mom while she’s helping me learn how to walk but I do remember looking at my town teaching him how to walk in because he knew I was there he had more faith to try harder and succeed.

Every now and then I’ll stop by a fast food restaurant and purchase a meal because I’m hungry. That meal usually doesn’t provide me with everlasting feeling of support. It only satisfies is my desire for that particular time. But God‘s word is more powerful and l it can truly carry you though a fast, and difficult time because it is more filling that a Hamburg and fries. So where do we get this from faith food? The book is call the Bible. In this book we consume the word of God by reading and meditating.

We read, consume and apply. Application of the word is activated in our everyday lives.

Let’s get that faith food today and everyday so we will be able to handle that fake and fast food tomorrow.


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