Believe in my Father but not in me?

Why is it that many people believe in God but not Jesus. I guess they are following the traits of the Pharisees and Jews or just afraid that others would judge them because they didn’t follow the law.

In John 10 Jesus was going to be stone because he was helping others when it wasn’t popular or law binding and because of jealousy and hatred the Jews wanted him dead.

Jesus spoke the truth about how the sheep will know their shepherds voice and I believe they were upset because they weren’t truly connected with God. They practice religion and not relationship and it’s obvious they the word that they lived was not an indication of the truth but of what they wanted to do.

I see this today. Many take the word and use what works for them and use other parts to judge other. They don’t believe in connecting with a word church and thy claim they can do it all themselves. Many are still loss and still throwing stones. They judge but don’t want to be judged. We must ask ourselves do we demonstrate many of them same characteristics of the Jews and Pharisees? Are we believers or just religious? I pray and hope we are believers.


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