Are you sinless and who’s your father?

Is your father the father of truth or lies? In John 8 Jesus has a discussion on the Mount of Olive with the Pharisees. They brought him a women who was caught in sin (adultery) and they were testing him because they didn’t believe and they were religious people.

Jesus listen but respond differently than they probably expected. (They wanted to set him up). But Jesus being the son of the creator knew them better than they knew themselves drew a line and asked them to throw the stone themselves if they are without sin. They was deep.

I know we all have judged others before. We looked at them and their sins in discuss but did we look at our first? Or did we want anyone to judge us so harshly? I’m so glad that God is my judge and not man.

Farther down in the passage Jesus is questioned to defend his faith and position. Jesus was compelled to give acknowledgement to the creator and not himself. He also exclaimed that if you didn’t know or believe who he is then you don’t believe and I’m not your father. So who is your father if you don’t believe? I believe.


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