Power in words power in worship

Words are powerful. So, let’s ignite that power. I’ll begin.

You are designed to win

You are beautiful and handsome

You can accomplish what you set your mouth, hands, heart and feet to.

You are a light in the mist of darkness and it has to leave

Your best is here use it to push to greatness with God.

Let the mouth speak that which it desires and lines up with the will of God

The will of God is found in the relationship you accept with Him. He’s waiting for you to grab on to his hand and His word.

He is here alive and ready for you to answer his calling

He said that we can do all things through Him who strengthens us

We are the recipient of His strength and we will use it wisely

He will and has delivered us from the evil one.

We are blessed and favored

You are the king of king and I worship you.

My help is in You Lord

Faith is what I fuel my day on because of you Lord


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