Love the Lord with

Love is one of the most powerful tools of healing. It is what God gives us and gave us when He created and protect us. God is love and with God we are equipped to perform things that we can’t possibly do without Him.

I can personally say the when I am sick and then I talk to my husband,who loves me, I immediately start to feel better. He doesn’t necessarily say I love you but just being connected to him and talking with him seem to activate my healing hormones and I believe that I’m better. Another example: just yesterday I had a tooth extracted and while I was home resting I receive a call from a friend, that I have had a lengthy conversation with in decades, called me, while I was still in pain and spoke few several minutes. As a result of the call I was emotional and literally lifted up as I moved off the couch.

The verse of today is

This scripture is healing to me as well because as I give love it is given back especially when I give it to my God.

Love given freely from my heart demonstrate my life.

Love shown and shared from my soul demonstrates my worship.

And love given out of my strength demonstrates the power that He gives me to endure the daily obstacles and blessings.

I am grateful for God and that he shows me how to love.


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