Joy is fruit

I can definitely say I have joy. When I’m spending time with my grands I get full of Joy. I consume it and it’s good to my soul. Just as apples, grapes and melons give you vitamins that keeps or help you be healthy; joy is also a great source of strength and health.

Everyone should have joy. It should be found in your career or job. It should be stored in the place where it will not rot or decay. Joy is better than happiness because it doesn’t have to be activated because it’s given from God. It is his will that we are joyful. His fruit that lives on his tree includes joy, love peace and more. I will be joyful even in strife. I will eat the fruit of joy even in lack. My joy will not be activated it will be elevated. I will lift my eyes to the hill which cometh my help. My help cometh from the lord.

He is my joy and my peace. Eat the fruit of joy it is the antidote to fear, failure, lack and doubt.


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