Faith can’t walk alone

We talk about faith like it’s a ticket to do what we want and all will work out because of our faith.

Our life is certainly measured by the tool that’s designed for measurements of the situation, such as faith is a measurement of our belief. Have you’ve ever been in a store and picked up some grapes and ate them. Well, I will say I did but knowing better now i realize I was in sin. Yes, they may have not known that I ate the grapes but because they are sold by measurement and not container I was stealing and stealing is sin. The words says the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy; so I was demonstrating an act of the enemy (devil) and I was in sin. So, I know that God forgives us for our sins but if I knew I was wrong prior to sinning I’m still wrong even though I am forgiven. Yes, I have faith for my forgiveness and I can be forgiven but that can not be my excuse for sinning. Faith can’t walk alone. I must exercise my actions according to the works that demonstrates that I’m a believer (Christian.)

My dad was a working alcoholic. He would work and then drink when he wasn’t at work. No, there may not be anything that says that if you drink you’ll go the hell but his drinking provided us a living hell because it took him away from his family, his money was wasted and his health diminished. Praise the Lord today he doesn’t drink or smoke anymore. So, I decided even if I have faith that I can still drink and be a Christian It will not walk alone because I don’t want to take anything away from my family or even set a stage for an earthly hell.

Faith can’t walk alone when you have a job and a home you decide to stop working and come home because you’ll not happy at work. No, that’s not faith that’s foolishness. Continue to work unto God at the place He provided for you until He provides another opportunity for your purpose to continue to produce. Yes, I believe that you are producing in your purpose even when you feel like you’re not. God said “all things work for the good of those who love the Lord and are call according to his purpose.”

Faith isn’t enough, you must practice what you have faith for and understand that if you fall He is able to forgive but be aware of your intentions when you sin and not just your privilege.


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