Only G’ma Odessa

Memories are priceless but grandma’s are precious. I am blessed to honor my maternal grandmother Odessa. She was a classy lady who loved her family and impacted 4 generations and left a legacy that is worth upholding.

My grandmother Odessa was the mother to 3 children, two boys and a girl, my mom. She was a wife who kept an immaculate home and she carried herself like a queen. My memories includes her cooking dinner, sewing clothes and hoeing the garden. She wore skirts or dresses most of the time but when she was in the garden she would put on a pair of pants to keep the bugs off her legs. Sunday dinner was the time we would fellowship mostly at my grandparents house after church. The table was filled with collards, field peas, rice, cornbread or biscuits (oh my goodness they were like butter, melted in your mouth good),beef and or chicken (roasted or fried)

After dinner we would gather in the living room on her couch (it was covered with blanket or bed spread). My memories of these days are great. They had a stereo with a record player and eight track tape. The home was modest but clean; three bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, 4 porches ( turn one into a small den) and family/dinning room.

I’m sure that grandmothers are special to all grandchildren but only G’Ma Odessa loved the way she did. She was a house wife but she did work later in the years of her marriage. I remember her being a maid for a family not far from her home and also working at my school as a housekeeper. She gave me so much love in so many ways.

It seemed like she always had time for me. She loved everyone. If you said she was your grandmother then she accepted you as her grandchild(if you say that one of her sons was your father she didn’t ask any questions).

When my daughters was born G’ma Odessa was there too to help with anything my they needed for them. She would give you the shoes off her feet if you need them “Only G’ma Odessa.”

When our daughter were grown she helped with rearing my grandson. I didn’t mention but she helped my parents with rearing my brother and I.

She loved the lord and lived for Him. No she wasn’t perfect and had her faults just like any of us but those faults must have been before I was born because she was perfect to me. I know God must have smiled and cried when she went home to be with him back in 2007 because I did. I miss her so but I remember her love, her smile and her spirit. I cried when she left but I knew she was going home to be with her father.

I aspire to be half a good of a grandmother as my G’ma Odessa was but I hoping I can live up to her legacy. God thanks for allowing me to experience such special love from a grandmother heart.

I miss you G’ma Odessa


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