A Vision and Twenty Shekels

Have you ever shared your dreams with your family or even friends? What was their response? How did you feel after you opened yourself up to others? Well I’m sure Joseph may have hesitated about sharing his vision with his family because of the position that the dream placed him in. Joseph was young and loved by his father more than his older siblings. We know as youths, our mouth speaks before our mind seeks for understanding. I would say Joseph did not have a “filter on his mouth,” at least that’s what I tell my students when they just say what’s on their mind in the middle of class. Some words have time and places according to us, but whether Joseph knew it or not his words of his dream was timely and at the right place considering what happened later. Many times I think about what happens in my life and words I’ve said and I didn’t take the time to think about them. Could my words have been timely? And were they expressed in the right place?

Well, the word says all things works for the good of those who love the Lord. Speaking of Joseph, lending his mind and spirit to God enabled him to be in the position for God to use him. I would say that even though he was sold by his siblings for “twenty shekels” of silver it was a transaction that profited way beyond the initial investment.

His vision(dream) and voice sent him on a journey that seemed to derail his life, but it actually directed his purpose.

If you’ve shared your vision but the doubt of others distracted you don’t take it as a derailment but it was more like a delay of your destiny that allows God to set the stage for the performance . God may have to move your position to expose your purpose. He will provide you with the favor and provision to set up a place for those who he has entrusted in your path. He will show you that He will get the glory and you will be able to forgive and thank those who betrayed you because of how God was able to use you for a greater purpose. He will move those who despised you to a lowly position, and they will have to honor you because of Him.

Joseph had favor with his earthly father which caused jealousy in his earthly brothers but because of his openness to hear his Heavenly Father he was blessed, his family was blessed and the land was blessed. See all things do work together for the good even if you are sold out, thrown out and give out. Follow the vision of God. He will not sell you out.


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