Seed and Harvest Time

I shared my testimony of sowing a financial seed of faith with my students at school. I didn’t make the story so deep because I didn’t want to bury them in my spiritual reality.


Student artist picture of me.

The story:

Part 1. During a service at my previous church in 2009 our leaders (Pastors) asked members of the church to make a financial pledges to support the project to build a new church. My husband and I (mainly me) pledged $1,000 as our initial amount and then we would provide a larger amount over 5 years over and above our tithes and offering. As I was making this commitment I was speaking to God. I said “I know you will provide a way to make this possible because you know our situation.” Then within a week, I received a phone call from our bank. The banker said “they were reconciling their accounts and noticed we had a certified check of $1,000 that wasn’t ever cashed and if we wanted it we would need to come to the bank and pay the administration fee of $7.00 then we could have the $1,000.00. See, this money was the initial earnest fee for a house that we were building but we changed our mind because of a job that was an hour away from the location. The builder lost the second $1,000 installment check before we decided not to purchase the house. Also to put this into prospective, this happened two years prior to the financial commitment to the church fund. “Glory to God, He is worthy.” But that’s not the end of our financial seed sowing story.

Part 2, Last year, I was at our current Church Sunday service. We had a guest speaker this Sunday. He was teaching on sowing seeds and he was awesome. As I was enjoying the message I heard the words “one thousand.” I’m very carefully on saying that it was God speaking to me but I was certain that if the speaker would ask for a thousand dollar seed that it was Him. So when the message ended the speaker gave those who were willing to sow a seed and the amount was $1000. I was ready but I had to consult with my husband. He wasn’t able to be there that Sunday, because of work (that seed released him from working on Sundays) but he was reserved about making that seed commitment but he trusted my decision. So, I sowed and believe for the increase. I name that seed “favor.” And favor is what happened from then to know. Favor came in the form of jobs, health, Prayer, savings and witnessing.

As I shared a modified version of this testimony a young man in my class came to me after class and thanked me for sharing. He said he was touched by the testimony and was close to becoming emotional in class.

I’ve realized God is using me in uncommon area for the kids to see that He is really living in real people. Our platform is where we are and where is He is needed. Glory to God.


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