Good morning. So today there is an expectation of snow so be careful when you are out in the weather.

As the scripture states, the godly walks in integrity. Examine your walk today. Do you lean to the right or the left more? Are you stepping over puddles or are you walking right through them? Are you a skipper or a stroller? Whatever your walk/life appears to be make sure that you walk with integrity because your children are watching you. Most of our children duplicate our actions. They may appear so obvious but they do. If you want your children to walk with integrity give them an example of how it’s done by demonstrating it in your life. Try to live a life that is pleasing to God and I truly believe you will see it reflected in your children’s life eventually.

Grace and peace. Enjoy the snow if you live in the area expecting it.


Dear Lord
I honor you today. Thanks for giving me a second chance. Thanks for protecting my family and I. I’m so honored to be called your child. God I pray that you will forgive me of my wrongdoing as I will do also to those who has wrong me. I desire to continue to increase in you so that those who are loss can see you more clearly in me. Let you light shine brightly in me. Father God I know that I am healed because of you stripes. I know I’m blessed because of your grace. I know I’m forgiven because of your mercy. God I pray that this world will see you and taste your goodness. There is no like you in all the earth and I praise you. You are so good to me. Your love keeps me and you power helps me to accomplish anything I desire that’s in your will. Cover me and us from the evil one. And I will be careful to give you the praise for all good things you’ve done and will do. In Christ Jesus name. Amen


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