We Dream, they Dream and He had a Dream!

What strength do I have, that I should still hope? What prospects, that I should be patient?”

Job 6:11 NIV

This scripture screams at me and reflects the consciousness of Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy. His legacy lives on even today. Yes, today we celebrate the birthday of a great leader, forerunner, visionary and pioneer. He demonstrated poise, character and fortitude. Many Americans carry on his memory by helping others, by promoting equality and instilling hope.

Hope for the hopelessness, relationships, and endurance of inequality. Yes, hope to endure separateness, prejudice, and biases. Hope to believe that you still have a chance at your dreams, because you’re still in the race. This hope is not just a verb but it’s also a noun. “Hope” will rise up and change the world, just like Martin Luther King, “hope” sits in the classroom when no one else looks like you, thinks like you or believe like you.

“Hope” took off his position and clothed Himself in flesh. “Hope” endured life without blame, sat and drank with sinners, and died for the hopelessness.

Jesus died for our sins and Martin Luther was killed because people were afraid of his potential of changing the lives of the disadvantaged.

We should remain patient but still push for righteousness, equality, and peace. We should never loss hope even when it looks like the race is fixed against the oppressed. If we look to the author and finisher of our faith we will realize that the race is fixed, but it’s fixed for the believer and we win.

I still dream, you should dream and He dreamed. Don’t let the dream die.

We win.


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