“Want He do it, yes He will”

Today, I was reminiscing about my past life and I remember questioning God. Yes, “I questioned Him.” Actually, I’m sure many of us have questioned him about things that have happened in our lives. At the time, I didn’t understand the “why.” “Why didn’t I graduate from college in 4 years?” Why didn’t I have a boyfriend or why didn’t I get job or how did they overlook me when I more qualified?” The “why” wasn’t clear then but it definitely clearer now.

I’m glad that I didn’t get that boyfriend, job or finish college back then, because I might have taken all of the credit for it. I believe God orchestrated the events in my life to mature and strengthen me for my purpose. I know we all have a purpose in life because God said we were created to praise Him, and if we are praising our own accomplishments though our own strength then He is not glorified and we become vain.

So, because life didn’t happen how I expected to it happened, it happened the way God destined it to happen for me. He diverted my direction from a mess to a message. My husband was placed in my path, and I give Him the glory. “Want He do it, yes He will.” I became an educator. He set up a platform so that I could reach and teach those who needed what He placed in me. “To God be the glory. ” As a result of teaching, I’ve ministered to hundreds of students. Many of those students still call me, ask for my advice and call me momma. “All the Glory is to God.” Through His wisdom and word I’ve been able to give many of those students wise counsel.

And as far as the job or career,  I’m still believing in my ultimate goal; writing my book. He has done it for others, and I know He doesn’t have a favorite person. I’m patient and I’m writing  a this moment. I truly believe my life is lived for others to see that God is here for us all. You should believe that too. Don’t give up on Him. He will and can do the impossible because he’s not man, but He does it in His time and His way.


My story, History

What do you know about your history? My cousin from East St Louis is a dentist. My great grandfather purchased 500 acres of land when he was freed from slavery. Our grandmother left to go to New York when her children were grown because her husband died to help pay the taxes on their land.

Many of my family are educators. One of my cousins went to Harvard and John Hopkins university and is a pediatrician. We have preachers, technicians, nurses and other professionals in our family. This is just a little of my black history.

Let’s get personal with our finances!!!🙌🏾

You know George Washington supposedly said “if you fail to plan you’re planning to fail,” well, that can be true when it comes to many of us relating to finances.

I can truly relate to falling but not failing. As I look back on my lack in planning I turned my mistake into a mission. My mission is to teach and reach out to those who are not preparing for the fall. See, if you knew you was going to fall you would have information to either break you fall or try not to fall at all. That’s where the planning comes into place.

I teach teens financial literacy. In my classroom they learn about “paying themselves first.” My goal is to help them understand that while they’re in their parents house they should look further than the mall to the fall. They should actually think about possibly failing before they fall, so that they would have a better chance of staying up longer. I’m sure you’re good and confused now.

What I’m getting to is, just like we purchase insurance because we know there’s a possibility of an accident or mishap, we should look at this concept when we are planning or using our finances.

When they are home they usually don’t pay rent or mortgage, right? Then the should save the amount they would pay each month for a house (if they’re making it) as if you are paying it now. Also, if you have a car that paid for and they’re not satisfied with it but it works, save the amount of the vehicle they would like to purchase. I’ve had this conversation with many of my students throughout the years of teaching personal finances.

Why am I so passionate about conveying this point to my students? Well, I’m glad you brought up that question. I was once in their shoes and I truly would have appreciated this information back then.

I didn’t understand credit and I paid for it by not respecting it. Now that I’ve been working on mine I can definitely say “I wish I knew better back then.”

This is personal and I truly love sharing what I know to help others. This country would benefit from starting to teach students personal finances as early as elementary school. If they can spend they can learn.

I would like to add that I don’t love money but we need money to consume, so I think we should have better knowledge of being financially responsible.

I can’t end this post without saying that “I believe in tithing and I tithe.” That is the bases of my financial planning. I will not be cursed by holding on to what doesn’t belong to me. Also, I know that God is my source and He has always been my source even when I failed to plan. Don’t have a plan without Him.